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My recommendation for a fly-in trip

By Robert J. Kincaid January 19, 2018

I have been traveling to Sudbury Aviation for 15 plus years. I have never been disappointed by the service or the fishing experience. If you want a lake of your own for a week contact Sudbury aviation . Marg and her staff are the greatest and can get you where the bass, walleye, lake trout, and pike all reside.

Robert J. Kincaid

Fly in Outpost Lakes

By Doug McKinnon January 9, 2018

Marg, how time “fly’s”, this spring will be our 15th year flying to Scotia lake with Sudbury Aviation.  finding a lake like Scotia is a jewel of the North,by far the best lake trout  lake we have  caught in our 35 years of doing “fly ins”. Add pike, bass and the odd speckled trout and it is a winner!

With the great fishing comes the even greater service, your staff are fantastic, your equipment is the best we have encountered with any outfitter in the North. Dealing with a company that owns their own aircraft is a huge benefit too.  The boats and motors are the best, very reliable, and we never have any issues .

What can I say about the cabin, very clean, great fridges, and stove, and now that you have installed solar lighting. it is over the top for a remote  fly in cabin in the bush.

Looking forward to seeing you this Spring, the Bailie Group.


By Chris and Helme Good, Garry and Linda Baumhour June 23, 2015

Just wanted to send you a short note to let you know how much we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Scotia Lake in late May.  Everything from your excellent organization, the flights, the camp and, of course, the fishing was fantastic!  In all, we caught 47 lake trout (2-4 lb. average), 6 smallmouth bass (2 – 4 lbs.) and 3 northern pike (including one trophy of 18lbs.).

This was a very successful trip by most standards.  We have attached a few pictures of our catch from this year including a bonus picture of a moose that swam beside the boat one morning.

We are already booked for next year.

Thanks again for helping to make these trips so memorable.

Can’t wait for 2016,

Chris and Helme Good
Garry and Linda Baumhour
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Upper Dua / Coonie Lake

By Paul Elliot June 9, 2014

Thank you again for a superb fishing trip, I think it was our fourth father-son trip with Sudbury Aviation. The service, accommodation and seclusion for our 7 day trip to Upper Dua and Coonie Lake were second to none. We fished every morning, had a sauna and nap time in the afternoon and a big fish each evening – heaven.

We had our best fishing yet. Speckled trout in Upper Dua were hard work but worth the effort – our biggest was a 19” football. Fishing was great in Coonie – I think we landed 120 pike, walleye and bass in 3 days of fishing. Prize catch was a 20.5” smallmouth. Don’t worry, we had 2 feeds of walleye while we were there and released the rest for the next crew to enjoy.

Thanks again,


Scotia Lake

By Chris and Helme Good, Garry and Linda Baumhour June 3, 2014

I just wanted to pass along our thanks for a fabulous trip with Sudbury Aviation last week. Everything from the plane trips to the outpost was excellent. Scotia Lake is truly a northern gem. We boated 33 lake trout in all with the largest being 6 1/2 lbs. and many 3-4 pounders.  With a little more “laker” luck that number could have easily topped 40-50. We can’t say enough about what a great week we had at Scotia. You may have noticed that this is backed up by the fact that we are already booked for next year. Can’t Wait!!!

Chris and Helme Good Garry and Linda Baumhour

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A great time at Kennedy Lake

By Chris Meade October 2013


I am sending you a few pictures of Paul, Chris, and my trip to Kennedy Lake in August. We had a great time and can’t wait to come back.

Chris Meade


Outstanding staff & service at Otterpelt

By Brad October 2013

Marg & staff,

Just a short note to thank you & your staff for outstanding service this past week at Otterpelt Lake. Although we did not see any moose there was lots of sign in the area just not real fresh, hit & miss is the hunting game.

The abundant assistance of staff loading & unloading the aircraft is great to see, no one complains! Cam is a very accomplished pilot which was dually noted having been on many small aircraft previously.

Attention to details goes a long way with clientele, keep up the good work! Looking forward to planning the next hunt!


Thank you for a wonderful fishing trip

By Gene August 2013

Hello Marg,

Had a great week of fishing – the best ever.. Have been coming to Canada for many years. Loved Coonie Lake and the cabin. Hope to come again sometime. Thank you to you and your staff for everything.

Thank you again,

Happy campers at Brebeuf Lake

By Vince Abate May 2013

Hi Marg,

We enjoyed our fishing trip to Upper Dua Lake. The group and I had a wonderful time and I am sending photos of my 3 lb Trout catch.

Best Regards,
Vince Abate


Another great visit

By John Brewer Jr.


Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate all that you and staff have done for my dad and I over the past eight years. You all do such a great job keeping the cabins and boats in excellent condition. We couldn’t ask for better accommodations or service, you have made us feel like part of the family. We are amazed every year with how great the fishing is and the beauty of the landscape. Our time with you may only last a week, but the memories will stay with us for life. Cannot wait to see you this July. I am sure that the planes, cabins, and lakes will be in the same pristine condition that we have grown accustomed to over the years. Thank you again for everything, you go well above and beyond all expectations.


John Brewer Jr.

A great wilderness fishing experience

By David G. August 2012

Hi Marg,

Just want to thank you for everything. Quinn is a true fisherman and I couldn’t have had a better place to introduce him to the joys of wilderness fishing. He fished for hours at a time, and remained enthusiastic whether he was catching fish at the time or not. He loved the plane rides and sleeping in the top bunk. We also had the thrill of experiencing together an otter diving and surfacing over and over to check out our boat. You only have one opportunity for a first fishing trip with your grandson. Ours couldn’t have been better.

Thanks again,
Uncle Dave

Great time at Indian Lake

By Mike June 2012

Hi Marg!

Just wanted to thank you again for the great time we had on Indian Lake! Stay in touch. We plan to be back again!

Thanks again!

Wonderful week of fishing

By Mike Coulter June 2012

Hi Marg,

Hope things are well with you. We would just like to thank you again for our wonderful week of fishing at your outpost on Indian lake. We had a great time. The fishing was excellent; a few evenings the walleye were practically jumping in the boat. We very much enjoyed the solitude as well.

There were many bays and streams to explore. If we’d been able to stay a month, we would not have been able to see them all.

We were also very pleased with the equipment and accommodations.

Your courteous staff and pilots treated us very well. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I would recommend Sudbury Aviation to anyone looking to get away and enjoy some peaceful time in the wilderness.

Best Regards,
Mike Coulter

Great time at Dua Lake

By Peter Strain May 2012

Dear Marg

What a great time we had at Dua Lake. Fishing was great and the long narrow lake means do real windy days to contend with.You run a very good operation and you were on time, some thing that I did not find with other operators.

Again, thank you for a great time,
Peter Strain

Enjoyed our week at Scotia

By Andrew Keeler April 2012


andrew-keeler-double-headerThis message is to let you know how much we enjoyed our August week at Scotia. Since this was my second outpost trip with Sudbury Aviation, I was already familiar with your unsurpassed level of service. For my friends, it was their first experience and I do not believe that they were prepared for the peerless quality that you and your team bring to outfitting. Everything from the location to the accommodations to the amenities were superlative. Great cabin, good boats, reliable motors, plenty of fuel….. I could go on. Even little things such as an almost immediate response to my seemingly hundreds of questions leading up to the trip went a long way to making it as worry-free as possible.

As for the fishing, the bass were large and aggressive, with each of us hooking and releasing an average of 30+ fish a day including a personal best in size for John and I (22” and 19.5” respectively). Few things compare to smallmouth on a fly rod. Along with the fishing, we had the experience of spotting a pair of lynx in the narrows (I got a picture but it is very blurry) and enjoying a light show courtesy of the aurora. Of course there are few experiences that can compare to flying in a Beaver, especially when piloted by yourself or Bjorn. The first thing that was said to me when we got home was when are we going to do this again. Rest assured that we will be returning, this time with my eldest son so he too can experience the absolute peace of a week on Scotia.

Best regards!
Andy Keeler


An amazing fishing trip at Upper Dua

By John Russo


I just wanted to tell you how much fun James and I had on our trip to Upper Dua. We caught nothing but large specks. We even went to Dua one day and caught nearly 100 smallies on top water plugs. Sorry we missed you on the way out but I hope your vacation was as great as ours. I’m sending a few pictures of our trip and hope to see you again in the future.

John and James


A memorable trip

By Bruce Macdonald September 2009

Hi Marg,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing a truly memorable and rewarding fishing trip this year to Indian Lake. All of us agreed the entire trip was excellent including the flights, the accommodations and of course the fishing! We ended up at a total of 99 fish, couldn’t get that one extra to make it an even 100. We are saving up for next year and intend to make it a split week (1/2 pike/walleye and 1/2 trout/bass), we’ll be in touch to book. Again many thanks, you and your staff were again a pleasure to work with.

Bruce Macdonald


Above and beyond our expectations

By Angus

Hi Marg,

angus-brebeufpikeWe had a great time and really appreciated your hospitality. You and Bjorn went above and beyond our expectations.

Over the last 10 years or so I’ve booked trips with a few different fly-in outfitters. None have come close to your level of service.

I’m already thinking about next year. I saw that you have a camp on Mile Lake opening up next year. Is that a new camp or just a new one for Sudbury Aviation? Just wondering if it is untouched waters and what kind of big pike potential it has.


Thank you so much,

A sincere thanks

By Tim york


I just wanted to drop a line and say Thanks for being so accommodating during our trip to MacSmith in early July. We are still talking about it and planning a trip in the near future.

I would like to let your other customers know what a beautiful set up you and your team have put together. Once again Thanks for everything.

Tim York


Another top notch trip

By Steve Lawrence May 2009


Just a little note to say thank you for making the trip another great annual event. I appreciate how you worked with us on such short notice due to the ice conditions in Cochrane. Your patience and understanding of our needs put us on Kennedy Lake which was excellent for the 7 days. The cabin, your flying and service are top notch in our books! I am very impressed with your operation and can truly understand why you have been so successful. Our group looks forward to Scotia Lake. Thank you so much for all of your help! Stay in touch and if you are ever in the Newcastle, Oshawa Area be sure to call us up for coffee!

Steve Lawrence


A fishing trip to remember

By Derrick Vidito


Thank you we had a fishing trip that will never be forgotten and assure you will here from us again…


A wonderful trip with beautiful scenery

By Mary Pennington

Hi Marg

mary-pennington-moonrise-brebeufI’m hooked…I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time. The rain and cool weather seemed to slow the fishing down which was very disappointing for Earl. We did have 2 nights of a pickerel feed which was very good. We enjoyed the peacefulness, the tranquil moments, the scenery, the solitude and so much more. It was a fabulous retreat for us. I would highly recommend to everyone.

I never realized just how much was involved in catching the big one…maybe next time. Everything was just perfect and you make it what you want it to be. As far as supplies and things that I took with us the only thing that we didn’t use was the bear spray and horn, which didn’t bother me at all. We actually were hoping to see Moose in the wild but didn’t. Actually we never saw anything other than Loons, seagulls, chipmunk and a red squirrel which became our kids for the week as we had them eating nuts from our hands on our laps. It was cool and passed the time.

At night we sat out in the boat in front of the dock and watched the stars, it was a beautiful site to see. The next night there were no stars out. Once we fired up the sauna and had the candles going and the wine out it made for a very romantic evening. I could go on and on but you know how it is.

You are very lucky to have a great bunch of fine fellows working for you. The flight and conversations with them was very informative. Which lake would you suggest we try next year or should we do a return to MacSmith? We are already talking about a return trip as it is just beautiful up north.

Our pictures are just something out of a magazine, my plan is to put them in a special frame on display .

Take Care,

Mary Pennington

Magnificent Bass on Brebeuf Lake

By George Fanta

Hello Marg,

The Bass on Brebeuf Lake were magnificent!! And you should have seen the Pike I had on my line that we were unable to land. The proverbial one that got away!!

It was a wonderful week. Your crew was great. Thanks again for some great memories. We will see you next season.

George Fanta

Memories to last a lifetime

By John Brewer


Just a quick note to say thanks to you and your staff for the great week of fishing that you arranged for Johnny and me. From the moment that we contacted Sudbury Aviation, you couldn’t have been more helpful and we really appreciated all of your help. We had a great week and enjoyed the whole experience. I have and will continue to recommend your service, and we are planning to make a return visit soon . Thanks again for all that you did to provide us with a lifetime of memories. This was the trip of a lifetime for me and you made it unforgettable.

Thanks again, and we will stay in touch.

John Brewer

An unforgettable experience

By Rex Doss

Dear Marg,

Just wanted to let you know our group of Doc Barkers that flew in to Macsmith Lake last week all had a great time. I was very impressed with the whole operation you have going there. It was a great experience for me one I will always remember. Everything was perfect a first class operation. I will recommend it to all I come in contact with. Thank you so much for making the trip a success.

Rex Doss

Great fishing, wonderful trip

By Aaron McGrath June

Hello Marg,

My thanks go out to you and your team. I am 30 years old this year and have spent more or less 25 of them fishing from walking creeks at 5 with my uncle to chartering a salmon boat on Lake Ontario. I have spent countless hours working small holes for that old trout that few have seen or fought! Then as I grew older and got introduced to boats and lakes I realized that’s where my passion lies.

Over these many years I have spent countless hours, weekends, weeks and summers driving to and fishing more locations than I could ever think to count we have spent three day weekends just scouting areas looking for that one spot that might be right for us! I have dropped lines from Lake Erie to the bush cuts of Kapuskasing and almost all points in between. Thanks to my family and friends, I have pursued more fishing opportunities then most people I meet or know. I have to state today that have never, in all those years and at all those places, caught and released such an abundance of large healthy fish. I have never been escorted and treated with such class and professionalism as we have been during the last two years with you and your team!

Thank you Marg and thanks to all of your crew for such an awesome experience and we will definitely see you next spring.

Aaron McGrath