Fly-In Fishing Trips


Our northern Ontario fly-in fishing camps are only 30 to 40 minutes flying time north of Sudbury – that’s very close to our base! Our modern camps are newly built and or recently renovated to insure your satisfaction.

Fly-in fishing costs are not necessarily determined by the quality of the fishing, but by the costs of getting there. The cost of a fly-in fishing trip is determined by four things.

  1. The time and distance to drive to the operator’s float plane base.
  2. The distance the aircraft must fly to get you to your remote fly-in fishing camp.
  3. The type of aircraft and number of available seats filled by paying fishermen on your flight.
  4. The weight and the amount of your gear. (If you are concerned about being overweight, let us fly your beverages, water, pop or beer, in ahead of time, at no charge. We need to know this about 3 weeks in advance of your arrival.)

To plan your northern Ontario fishing trip you must:

  • Find out about fishing
  • Access driving costs and fly-in camp costs
  • Estimate the total cost per person of your fly-in fishing vacation
  • $919.00 per person plus hst for a full week., Sat. to sat.
  • $889.00 per person plus hst for half a week, Sat. to Wed., or Wed. to Sat.
  • $919.00 per person plus hst for Friday., Sat. Sunday and Monday (if available)
  • This is a fine price for an unforgettable vacation in pristine wilderness !!
  • There is a minimum per cabin for two persons only., for a full week $2500.00 plus hst for BOTH  and for half week for two , $2150.00 plus hst for BOTH.