Fish Species Available

Once you’ve reached your remote destination, it’s time to start your quest for “the big one”. Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake trout, Speckled Trout and Small Mouth Bass can be your next catch! All of these fish are easier to find on a fly-in lake. You are able to choose your fly in destination based on your fishing preference.

Fly-In Camps & Catch and Release

catch_and_release_01Our fishing is as good as you can find in Northern Ontario. The fly-in concept: It’s hard to find good fishing and it’s harder to find sustainable fisheries. We have been practicing conservation on our fly-in lakes for over 25 years.

The simple fact is that we take less fish from our lakes than nature returns to them each year. The fishing today is better than it was when we started thirty years ago. The term ‘fly-in’ means you can’t drive to our lakes, or get to them by any other practical method. Our fly-in camp permits are issued by the provincial government, and these are exclusivity for our cabins on our lakes.

For over twenty five years we have protected our fly-in lakes by partaking in good fishing practices and conservation. The big ones are caught and released to spawn again. The pressure from the insignificant number of fishing hours on our lakes has no effect on the spawning rates or the fish population. As a result, the fishing populations in our lakes have stabilized at their maximum historical and natural levels. We believe fishing on our fly-in lakes is as good today as it was hundreds of years ago.