Alton Lake

alton-pikeAlton Lake camp accommodates 6 people,with a bunk bed style sleeping area. You can BBQ your catch of the day, relax in the sauna steam bath house, and go swimming on our fine sand beaches.

Alton Lake is a round lake with a long narrow arm running Northwest, with several islands. This is also the deepest part of the lake where the Walleye are found. There is a larger island close to the east shore, where one can troll around and pick up more walleye as well as pike. The east side of the lake has a large weed bed in July and August.

The South side of the lake is a magnificent sand beach, making Alton Lake an ideal location for families. Swimming is safe and fun for youngsters and adults alike. In the Southwest corner, you will find a trail to another lake where we have two 15′ canoes, and an ideal hiking trail which passes by old growth Whitepines. This lake offers more walleye, pike, and trout, so don’t miss having an excursion or fishing outing.

Maps of Alton Lake

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  • Alton Lake with contours
  • Alton Lake without contours
  • Alton Lake Earth View