Brebeuf Lake

08-moonrise-brebeufSmallmouth Bass and Northern Pike are both in abundance in this lake. Brebeuf is a round lake with a narrow arm running to the North. Tea coloured water tells you that the rocks are hard to see, but Bass love rocky shoals. Boat drivers should always leave the motor in the TILT position to save costly repairs. Relax in the evening around a campfire, enjoy the sauna steam-bath house, and have a perfect vacation.

Pike ranging from 4 lbs. to 15 lbs. are found all over the lake, while the smaller ones are in the weed beds. This lake is surrounded by a rocky shoreline, with a very mixed forest. The camps grounds are shaded with magnificent white birch and cedar trees. The camp faces east for sunrises, but a short walk behind the camp takes you to the shore to watch the sun set as well.

Maps of Brebeuf Lake

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  • Brebeuf with contours
  • Brebeuf without contours
  • Brebeuf Earth View