Dua Lake

dua-lake-northSmall Mouth Bass, Pike, and Speckled Trout are just some of the amazing fish you can find here. There are two camps on Dua Lake, one accommodates 4 persons and the other 8. The camps are 2.5 miles apart, so privacy is not a problem! Although, they are close enough for a larger group to share the lake, some meals and a campfire. This is our fourth largest lake, which runs four miles in length, teaming with small mouthed bass.

Off the dock at the smaller camp, which is situated in the middle of the lake, one can catch bass in abundance early in the morning as they feed by the ” falls”. There is a deep gorge in the middle of the lake, folks have marked 80′ in depth, and trolling deep, up to 35′ results in huge Northern Pike. The South end of the lake is more shallow, and after June, is filled with lily pads, where smaller pike hang out. Moose are often seen in this area too.

dua-lake-sunsetAt the very South end, you will find a boat and motor, that marks a trail to Upper Dua Lake. This trail is used to access the camp on Upper Dua and try your luck at the beautiful Speckled trout, which range from 8 oz. to 5.0 lbs.!! This trail is easily walked in 7 minutes. A fly rod is loads of fun at the Dua Lake system.

One camp faces West and one East, for spectacular sunsets and sunrises. The shore line is rocky for the most part but offers some great “jumping off” places for those who enjoy swimming. There are two canoes on the lake, and Dua Creek at the North end is navigable most of the season, for exploring and catching site of more wildlife. Be sure and ask about trails to other close by lakes. Many repeat guests are lured by the intrinsic beauty of this safe, narrow lake where hundreds of bass can be caught in a week. Relax in the sauna steam bath house, a great way to clean up! Then cool off by swimming for a wonderful safe rejuvenating vacation!

Maps of Dua Lake

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  • Dua with contours
  • Dua without contours
  • Dua Earth View