Otterpelt Lake

otterpelt-kitchenOtterpelt Lake accommodates 6 people, bunk bed style. The lake is tea coloured, like Brebeuf, and is full of pike with the opportunity to catch walleye in several locations.

This is a most interesting lake, with many arms, bays and islands to explore. It is also possible to get to Little Otterpelt Lake, for more walleye and pike, by boat through a narrow channel. For the most part, the shore is lined with trees and rocks to the edge, but it is possible to find deep holes as well as shoals which offer an interesting structure.

Otterpelt is equipped with a BBQ, canoe, and large camp ground for your enjoyment. This is the lake to take your younger fisher-person to, as they will be happy fishing, catching, and releasing with Dad!

Maps of Otterpelt Lake

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  • Otterpelt with contours
  • Otterpelt without contours
  • Otterpelt Earth View