Scotia Lake

New for 2016 – Solar lights and 1 new Mirrocraft 14′ boat!

scotia-lake-north-camp-027acScotia Lake had two camps. The North End Camp accommodates 8 people, bunk bed style and The Middle Camp of the lake sleeps 5. Both camps have saunas for you to relax and let your cares melt away. The North camp has two propane fridges, one for food and one for cold drinks.

Scotia Lake is 12 miles long, but one can always see the other shore. It is blessed with sandy beaches, rock cliffs for climbing, rocky shores, weedy bays, and many islands to explore. Lake Trout can range from from 2 lb. to 12 lb and are found all season. The trophy Smallmouth Bass are abundant, while Northern Pike are best either at the south end or the north end.

The lake has plenty of shoals, interesting bottom structure, and places where there is over 80 feet of water. This is truly a northern paradise where you can find the native pictographs on a flat faced rock on the East shore.

There is a walking trail to Friday Bay that has two options, one trail has steep hills and the other is more flat. These trails are excellent opportunities to get out of the boat, stretch your legs, walk a sand beach, venture through huge trembling aspens, view old growth white pines, pick mushrooms, and just enjoy a pristine forest. This walk would be about 20 minutes each way.

Maps of Scotia Lake

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  • Scotia Lake with contours
  • Scotia Lake without contours
  • Scotia Lake Earth View