Our Lakes

Alton Lake

Walleye and Pike fishing galore. Relax on beautiful sand beaches, and enjoy spending time as a family. Alton Lake’s camp sleeps 6 people. There are two miles of waterway, and  a well marked trail to another lake for more walleye, pike and trout.  Two canoes are there for your pleasure, because we have a wonderfully long narrow lake.  Newly installed solar lighting!

Biscotasi  Lake

Fish for walleye and Pike at Biscotasi Lake! The camp sleeps 6, in two bedrooms. Biscotasi is our newest fly-in outpost camp and our Eco Tourism location.  Enjoy canoeing or sea kayaking on 30 miles of waterway, with many islands and bays waiting to be explored.  Pitch your tent or return to a cozy camp each evening and relax those paddling arms in a Sauna bath house while planning tomorrow’s adventure.

Brebeuf Lake

Enjoy fishing for Pike and Small Mouth Bass on three miles of waterway. Brebeuf Camp sleeps 6 people. Enjoy a round lake with bays and islands, and abundant Pike and Bass. Newly installed solar lighting!

Coonie Lake

Relax and fish for Walleye, Pike and Small Mouth Bass on two miles of  waterway. Coonie Lake Camp sleeps 6 people. This camp also has a sauna to help you unwind. This is one of our smaller lakes, so it is a great spot to vacation for a “two lake plan”.  Mix it with another lake offering a different species and size of fish. Newly installed solar lighting!

Dua Lake

Have a stay at Dua Lake and reel in some Small Mouth Bass and Pike on four miles of waterway. From Dua Lake, you can take a five minute trail to Upper Dua Lake for Speckled trout.  Dua Lake’s two camps sleep 8 and 4 persons. One of these camps has a sauna. This lake is the finest for bass fishing, and so much fun for “fly fishing”. Newly installed solar lighting!

Upper Dua Lake

Stay at Upper Dua and enjoy the Speckled Trout. Upper Dua Camp sleeps 6, and includes a sauna! Best fishing occurs in May to the end of June, then again in September. Upper Dua is located 2.5 miles from our Dua Lake Outpost. Newly installed solar lighting!

Indian Lake

Catch some walleye and Pike on Indian Lake’s ten miles of waterway. This camp sleeps 10 (in two camps). Our Indian Lake camps also include saunas. Enjoy top of the line fishing from mid May to the end of September. This is a lake that is not to be missed. Newly installed solar lighting!

Kennedy Lake

Fish the day away for Lake Trout and Small Mouth Bass, and don’t forget the Speckled Trout in Dennie Creek! At Kennedy Lake there is a very short trail to Bluewater Lake, where you can enjoy access to boats, motors and great bass fishing! There are six miles of waterway on each lake. Kennedy Lake Camp sleeps 6 people. If you desire a sauna, well, you’ll find it here as well. Newly installed solar lighting!

MacSmith Lake

A stay at MacSmith is not complete without fishing for Walleye, Pike and Small Mouth Bass. Enjoy the one and a half miles of waterway, with many bays and islands to explore. MacSmith Lake Camp sleeps 6 persons. This is an unique and interesting smaller lake which is great for a shorter visit!

Otterpelt Lake

Relax at Otterpelt Lake and catch some Walleye and Pike on three miles of waterway. Otterpelt Lake has many islands and bays for you to explore. Otterpelt Lake Camp sleeps 6 people. Pike are so easy and plentiful here, you might just call it, “Pike Heaven”.

Scotia Lake

At Scotia Lake you can find Lake trout that range from 4-12 lbs., Northern Pike at 4-20 lbs., Small Mouth Bass, and Speckled Trout in Laforest Creek. Laforest Creek is a one day canoe trip to Rome Lake. Scotia Lake has two camps, which sleep 8 and 6. Both camps have saunas for you to relax in. Scotia Lake is 12 miles in length, which is great for a full weeks visit. Newly installed solar lighting!